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Global Andong "International Interpretation Support Team for Staff" launch ceremony

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글로벌 안동 '직원 국제통역지원단' 발대식 개최.jpg
글로벌 안동 '직원 국제통역지원단' 발대식 개최2.jpg

On July 12, Andong City held a ceremony to support foreign language interpreters at various international exchange events such as the 2022 16th World General Assembly of Andong International Education City (IAEA) and the 18th World Historical City Conference.

The "International Interpretation Support Team" consists of 49 civil servants from 32 departments in Andong. It also includes many staff members who speak multiple languages other than English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. Following the transfer of the letter of appointment of the "International Interpretation Support Team for Employees," the ceremony was held with encouragement from Andong Mayor Kwon Gi-chang after the announcement of his impressions in foreign languages.

Andong Mayor Kwon Gi-chang said, "Foreign language skills are important, but the role of promoting Andong is also important, so please do your best to promote Andong culture."

Baek Kyung-yeop, an employee of the lifelong education department who applied as an English interpreter at the launch ceremony, said, "I'm looking forward to a large-scale international event in Andong in the second half of this year, but I'm nervous. However, I will participate in foreign language interpretation with my colleagues and do my best to meet international standards."

From August to December, the "International Interpretation Support Team" will be active in international conferences and international exchange events through foreign language education, international protocol theory, and on-site international conference training.
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