The 18th World Conference of historical Cities


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Dear Valued Members of the League of Historical Cities,

It is my great privilege and honor to invite the mayors and government officials of member cities to "The 18th World Conference of Historical Cities" held in Andong, Korea, from November 14 to 16, 2022.

As Andong boasts a beautiful natural landscape with beautiful landscaping, the city has known as the "Capital of Korean Spirit, where you can have the best experience of Korean culture and history. Andong has various tangible and intangible cultural assets and four World Heritage sites including Hahoe Village, Confucian Printing Woodblocks, UNESCO Memory of the World, and Hahoe Byeolsingut Tallori(Hahoe mask dance drama), etc.

"The 18th World Conference of Historical Cities" is to be held at the Andong International Convention Center, which opened in 2022 as a new landmark in Andong, under the theme of "Future-Oriented Historical City based on Community." The main purpose of the conference is to create a vision of "Urban Regeneration and Local Community of Historical cities" through information-sharing and in-depth discussions on newly focused areas, such as "Community-centered Sustainable Historical Cities" and "Smart Historical Cities through Digital Tools." The conference also aims to help take on the challenges faced by historical cities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, we are preparing for a youth drawing contest and a UCC video contest to provide opportunities for the youth, the future of our historical cities, to understand and sympathize with the culture and history of other member cities. We kindly ask you to participate actively so that many young people would be encouraged and participate.

As the world feels uncertainty, it is our role and mission as historical cities, which have been overcoming hardships and adversity for a long time and have inherited the long history and culture as it is, to share our experiences and wisdom and move forward to a sustainable future. Andong City will also do its best to prepare for this year's conference to serve as a venue to proclaim the mission and significance of the historical cities to the world yet again. However, we sincerely ask for huge support and participation from member cities' mayors and government officials.


July 2022

KWON Gi-chang,Mayor of Andong City

Dear Mayors and colleagues of Historical Cities,

I am delighted that the 18th World Conference of Historical Cities will take place in Andong, the Capital of Korean Spirit. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the City of Andong for having bid for the conference in the pandemic and making tireless efforts to hold the conference.

The League of Historical Cities was established to promote the development of historical cities, hoping to contribute to achieving world peace. Historical cities have not only preserved historical assets but also have gone through difficulties such as disasters and wars in the long history, which destroyed the nature, cultural assets, and people's life. The League has adopted the Peace Declaration at the General Assembly in Gyeongju in 2005. The permanent peace is an ideal for all mankind, and it is what we are determined for.

The League consists of local governments around the world, which are tied with the same bond of being historical cities beyond borders and the difference of social systems. We have developed friendship through tackling challenges together toward the future. Facing reality, each local government must offer its maximum support and cooperation to create a peaceful society. To achieve the goal, I believe that having face-to-face exchanges and discussions are the most essential.

This conference is themed “Future-Oriented Historical City Based on Community,” and it is local community that plays a crucial role in developing a city. In many cities of Ukraine, I hear that officials of local governments and citizens take every possible measure to protect their cultural properties with non-flammable materials, etc. It is the power of people that restore the cities and enable them to sustainably develop for the future. The unity of communities can generate energy to make history and shape the future. I would like to ask all of you to continue to support our friends and share your knowledge with all of us to create the future of historical cities together.

Looking forward to seeing you in Andong.

Yours Sincerely,

KADOKAWA DaisakuThe LHC Chairperson, Mayor of Kyoto