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The 18th World Conference of historical Cities

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  • About ICOMOS Korea Committee ICOMOS is a non-governmental international organisation dedicated to the conservation of the world's monuments and sites. ICOMOS Korea Committee was established to carry out the tasks listed below.

    • 1Since its foundation in 1999, ICOMOS Korea has endeavored to share expertise and knowledge through various advisory and research activities in the fields of heritage preservation, management, and dissemination.

    • 2ICOMOS Korea has collaborated closely with individual and institutional members as well as many other important professionals and organizations.

    • 3ICOMOS Korea continues to promote mutual cooperation and encourage debate through the exchange of expertise and ideas for cultural heritage preservation.

  • ICOMOS Korea Committee Activities
    • 1Participated in the ICOMOS General Assembly, researched and contributed to the forum on world cultural heritage protection and conservation

    • 2Collecting and evaluating information on conservation principles, technologies and policies with local experts in Asia, such as China and Japan

    • 3Participate in seminars and support workshops for various research and discussion on cultural heritage together with UNESCO Korea

    • 4Conducting research to validate cultural heritage candidates in the Asia Pacific region

    • 5Collaborate with relevant government agencies to clarify the status and regulations of Korea’s cultural heritage

    • 6Conducting evaluations for Korean cultural heritage candidates and preparing documents for inscription

    • 7Cultivating experts to manage and operate Korea's existing cultural heritage

    • 8Efforts to arouse interest through education and information on cultural heritage for the general public