The 18th World Conference of historical Cities


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Future-Oriented Historical City based on Community
  • We are creating a historical city
  • where ‘people and cities’, ‘people and digital’
  • , and ‘people and people’ communicate
  • and sympathize with the values ​​of the traditional historical city
  • that we have preserved and cultivated.

Urban Regeneration and Local Community of Historical cities

  • 1Examples of active local communities for rebuilding historical cities

  • 2Directions of the development of historical cities through preservation, utilization, and conversion of cultural heritage

Community-centered Sustainable Historical Cities

  • 1Plans for creating sustainable historical cities through community activation events

  • 2Cases of new cultural projects that combine and create current values and new digital technologies

Smart Historical Cities through Digital Tools

  • 1Basic Concepts for Building a Smart Historical City

  • 2Use Cases of Cultural Heritage Connected with Digital Technology

Theme description

Community-led urban development in historical cities has been regarded as a significant issue to seek solutions to strive for the sustainable development of the historical town. In line with these priorities, the theme of the 18th Conference aims to suggest the case studies, policies, and practices and share knowledge for community resilience and development towards community-led strategies for the historical cities. The Conference will highlight the new methods of digital tools for innovation and evolution through community involvement.