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Youth Video Contest

Full of Charms of My Town, My City

In order for youth from member cities of the League of Historical Cities to feel the preciousness of their hometown and to inform the world of the value of the region's excellent history and culture, the city of Andong is holding ‘The Youth UCC Video Contest for the World Historical Cities Conference’, and we ask for your continuous interest and participation.

  • Title of contestThe Youth UCC Video Contest for the World Historical Cities
  • Theme“Full of Charms of My Town, My City“
  • PeriodJun 1, 2022 to Sep 30, 2022
  • Eligibility for applicationYouth living in member cities of the World Historic Cities Federation
  • ApplicantYouth from 13 to 23 years-old students of LHC Member cities
    ※ A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants.
  • Contest section A video less than 180 seconds long (UCC)
    • A video showing the value of a region that the participant wants to convey to the world, such as the culture and history of their hometown
    • Videos containing interesting contents such as hometown-related trips and episodes that occurred in daily life
    • Our culture, history and cultural heritage
    • Our foods, clothes, architecture
    • Our festival and sight spot
  • Exhibit standard
    • TimeLess than 180 seconds
    • Resolution (size)1920×1080 px (Smartphone video is acceptable)
    • File typeSubmit in mp4 format if possible. (wmv, avi, mpeg are also acceptable)

      ※ Subtitles are in English

  • How to apply Collect works from each member city and submit them collectively to Andong city
    • 1Required documents: Application form and video file

      • Submit the file after signing or sealing the application form (PDF scan)
      • The application form can be downloaded from the website of LHC and the 18th World Historic Cities Conference website
    • 2Submission method: Submit by email to Andong city

      • Email address :
      • Collect works from each city and submit a video file name that matches the name of the application
  • EvaluationBased on work quality, subject, empathy, and creativity
  • Points Rubric
    Evaluation items Points Detailed standard
    Quality 30 Composition and completeness of the work
    Subject 20 Consistency with the theme of the contest
    Empathy 30 Empathy and fun
    Creativity 20 Originality
  • Results announcementEarly November 2022
    To be posted on the official website of the contest and notified individually.
  • Awards
    Classification Number of awards Awards details Note
    Grand prize 1 Awards and souvenirs Forwarded to the representative of the city
    Excellence award 3 Awards and souvenirs
    Participation prize 6 Awards and souvenirs
    ※ The number of award-winning works may be adjusted or there may be no award-winning works depending on the results of the evaluations.
  • Notice
    • The submitted work must take care not to infringe on the copyright of a third party, and in case of a dispute in this regard, the legal responsibility rests with the applicant.
    • Up to 3 entries per person is allowed, but multiple awards will not be granted to the same person.
    • The copyright for the submitted works belongs to the applicants, and the World Historic Cities Federation and Andong-si can only use the winning works for public interest for one year.
    • In the event that a work that has been awarded or won an award in another competition or is found to be plagiarized, it will be excluded from the evaluation. In this case, even after being awarded, the award will be revoked and the certificate must be returned.
    • All entries that do not win prizes will be discarded within 3 months following the end of the contest.
  • ContactWCHC 2022 Secretariat (Email., Tel. +82-53-740-0421)

Example Video